Our Fee’s Explained & Refunds Policy

We at Race Registered want to keep things simple.

That’s why we have a market-beating, easy and simple fee structure. No add a percentage on + some cents and some VAT, nope!

There is not even a set-up fee*.

Let us look after your event registration for any number of participants – We’ll set up the registration form with the data you which to capture – We’ll host your registration form, you need to just spread the word by sharing the link (that you can even shorten) on your Social Media channels, website or wherever you want too!

So, what are these amazing fees we hear you ask? We’ll get to those in a moment… Firstly let’s just have a look at a few featured events that you might be interested in:

Our fees are simple to ensure you as an event organizer retain what you have worked for – we will work with reputable and industry-leading payment services to ensure we keep our costs to a minimum which we pass on to you!! Meaning that we can offer our amazingly low agreed fee.



We will pay you monthly, from going live on our site. This transaction will be made via bank transfer. This will ensure we have funds to cover any refunds or participant cancellations. You will receive the final payout one week after the event or one week after tickets have gone off sale. Our simple payouts mean that you know when you’ll get paid and that we’ll be looking after any changes/refunds.


We will process any refunds or participant cancellations up to 48 hours from your event – past this point that is over to you to organize. All refund requests we process will be payment reversals to the card used, the amount refunded will be minus our fee, and these usually take 3-5 working days to appear back in the account.

Event Cancellation:

Should you cancel your event, we will work with you as best we can to figure out the best outcome for everyone. However, failure to properly communicate with us and we’ll drop you like a hot potato and all monies owing to you will be held until arrangements have been made. Once we have been notified you as the organizer are 100% responsible for the cost of the participant’s/attendee’s refunds minus our fees.

Free to Attend Events: Contact Us for more details…